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Hohnstein castle map! (new map for multiplayer)

multiplayer castle awesome nice fortress dungeon ladders raiding clash walls

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I finally took work up again after the frustration of loosing parts of my work. After almost half a year i think i definitely finished the map for multiplayer, expect some small details. So we (King Arthur) tried the map and i had to balance it so here is the new version of it and i hope its good enought. The only thing which i hope you can put in there for me is that there is the need of 2 tele doors (dungeons). That would be really cool mate, everything is in place you just need to put that codes in doors, i guess. Well thanks for the help to King Arthur. 


Balance features in favour of attackers:

-3 more siege ladders

-1 wooden tower for mounting walls

-1 dungeon which lead to the other side of the map ( i hope you see the tele in and out ways which should be pretty obvious)

-spawn points reworked


If the map should not be balanced  or some smaller problems should appear feel free to move spawn points or other stuff. But i put much work in the map so i hope the test works out well.









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I put also a link here for the other map i worked on. There are no changes but would be cool to see a test of it? What you think of the name Attilas_hut? ^^

I am really sorry if i should have posted this in the wrong forum since we had already a discussion going.  ^_^  :lol:  :smiling: All hail to the reworked map, enjoy it! :)



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    The Mongol

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Hm, finally? :D ...a map never ends!!! :loool:

good job ;)




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Ye true, it can always become a new layout!  :D

Thanks man, i hope we can test it this week, since i will be gone for 1 month on sunday...  ^_^



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Here are a few screenshots if someone wants to know how the both maps look like without the necessity to run them on a server.

(1) Hohnstein Castle
(2) Attilas Hut

(3) Feedback
Personally, I like the first one more than the second one. The Hohnstein Castle has a pretty nice non-square layout, which I like, and it is nicely ragged overall. I would add some siege engines (ballista/launcher) as well since the map could be a little bit more fun to play then. I remember that—while testing—the biggest issue with the map was this spot:


The reason was that that gatehouse is probably the most important way how to get to flag and the passage in it was (still is) too narrow so the defenders were able to efficiently block the passage with shields and so on. Not sure if the changes have solved this problem.

As far as the Attilas Hut map, it is pretty similar to the Arabian Heat map, I think, so the issues might be similar as well. Personally, I think there might be too many access points to the flag since the map is pretty much open. I would also add some siege engines as well for similar reason as in the case of Hohnstein Castle.


Anyway, the Hohnstein Castle could be a great map for night hours when there are not that many players on the server.


Cheers, Lenna.

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Hello Lena,


thanks for feedback and sexy screenshots. The second map (attilas_hut) has not been worked on as much as first 1, it has actually (only) 4 ways to the flag if doors are opened 6. So that is still ok i think. The doors would be anyway be fought over as well as the 2 main ladder points+backway. It's hard to guess how balanced it is, it would be best to see in a test. The card could also use a little more other stuff on it i think.


(hohnstein_castle) I didnt wanted to make the main entrance as big to make it more realistic, but in test this is a really nasty point were many people died because of arrow spawn. But since there is that wooden tower players can get up the wall pretty easy. And some guys going to the backladder. That puts more pressure on it. If needed i can make the gatehouse bigger.


Well siege engines can be added later if s1 wants to add them i prefer no siege weapons actually. But feel free to add siege engines to the maps if you want. It might unbalance 2nd map so i dont recommend those there.


Cheers! ^_^


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