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BANNED and DON'T KNOW WHY? read...

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    The Mongol

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If this happened to you, probably...


Have you ever had a bad behaviour online like this?:

  • rascist comments in chat, insulting, spamming, etc...
  • talking about hacks: how to get?, links, etc...
  • and more like this? or other bad annoying behaviour...

...well, all typed in chat remains in logs, and we high admins sometimes read logs, looking for other questions, and if we read something like above...  Surprise!...

You have a perm ban!!! :heavy:


So simple...




TrollGame Server Rules  :stab:  Full rules / more info

     - for Siege, Battle, Arena and Duel Servers -


1. Common Courtesy

This should sum up anything from racism, hatriot, name calling, rudeness, spam and whatever not.

Be kind to others and think before you type. There is no need to be hurtful or abusive to others.

This can be also applied on forum.


6. Do Not Advertise and Do Not Share Hacks/Cheats

Don't advertise other servers via this community.

Don’t share hacks (cheats,exploits etc) or knowledge of hacks with others using any way (forum, server chat, social nets, etc).

A simple word can be turned into thought, a thought into idea, an idea into plan and a plan into action.

It can bring us a lot of troubles and if you do so, then you will have to support the consequences.


7. Do Not Copy/Steal Nickname
Don't use someone's nickname, there is no need to pretend that you're somebody else.

10. Annoy Behaviour

Annoying players in general (kicking own team, step on ladders avoiding raise it, destroying own siege weapons or gate/doors, etc.), using bug in chat to impersonate and/or insult (+spam+annoy+...) others players in servers, can get banned if the behavior is continuously done many times and abusive towards/with other players or own team.






Have a nice day!

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    The Mongol

  • High Admin
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This is a Warn...

for New and Old players that wish test/use the "goodies" of old/new hacks in our servers:


Permanent Ban will be applied instantly (maybe even without warns)

so if any use any kind of hacks and get ban, forget to ask for unban,

second chances are not for you, and ban will be forever, including a ban in website too.


Don't be fools :not:

Try/use/test/whatever... "shit-hacks" don't deserve that you can lost the fun forever playing in our servers...

Think on it!!! :hmm:


Have a nice day.




8 players already banned using hacks in last days... Don't be the next one!!!

Edited by BlackDeath, 21 August 2017 - 11:54 PM.

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    The Mongol

  • High Admin
  • 5,854 posts
  • LocationFlying around in space

Last rule to have in mind (to avoid use):

  • Using glitch to go into walls to kill others is forbidden.

Punish: A week ban (increased if continues after unban)


You are warned, now should read rest of Rules too for better.

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