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Why i am banned?

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Me (Hiliktor) got banned. You banned veteran player . Why ? Iceqatius admin why?
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Hiliktor AKA HILIKTOR_KU_KLUX_KLAN_HITLER hmmm... maybe thats why but i dont know




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Hiliktor, you were banned for repeated toxicity, misogyny and racism. Despite being warned several times to improve your behavior you choose to continue to be obnoxious and toxic to players on the server.
Screaming 'Die jew!' or 'Die Nigger!' after you have killed someone might have been overlooked if it was once or twice. But not repeatedly, that's when it starts being toxic with the end result that players start leaving the server when you are there. Also, calling people 'fu*king jews' or 'fu*king nigger' when they refuse to follow your tactical advice is also not good behavior.
Then we have the question of your opinion about women.. IT IS NOT ACCEPTABLE to scream in the chat that all women should be raped. Not after i have warned you to improve your behavior and is in the game reading the chat.


I banned you for at least 3 months, i suggest you take that time to meet a counselor to talk about your anger issues.

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I love the smell of Dindu Nuffins in the morning.




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So this dude is combo of showinist anysemitist racist. Good he is not homophobic :P

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