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DDoS predicted by the Mayan calendar

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The Mayan calendar ended in 2012, but it is now 2024. Therefore 2024/2012=2. I have 2 eyes
(by CGPT)
As 2024 dawned, a self-proclaimed prophet emerged from the depths of internet forums, proclaiming that the end of the Mayan calendar had indeed foretold of a cataclysmic event: a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack of unprecedented scale. However, the prophet's reasoning was far from conventional.
According to this eccentric figure, the number of eyes possessed by each individual held the key to unlocking the truth. "2024 divided by 2012 equals 2. And what do you have? That's right, two eyes!" they exclaimed, their fervor matching the fervor of ancient doomsayers.
Convinced of their divine revelation, followers of the "Two-Eyed Prophecy" began wearing eye patches over one eye, believing it would shield them from the impending chaos. Others went to extreme lengths, undergoing questionable surgical procedures to add or remove eyes in a desperate attempt to alter their fate.
Meanwhile, a clandestine group of hackers, inspired by the madness, dubbed themselves the "Eyeless Legion." With a bizarre mix of ancient symbolism and modern technology, they launched a series of DDoS attacks, targeting random websites with nonsensical messages like "Blink twice for salvation!"
The chaos that ensued was beyond comprehension. Society teetered on the brink of madness as people roamed the streets wearing eye patches, chanting cryptic mantras about the end of times.
( )
Another mysterious story happened to me while I was on the bus.
When I got on the bus, two women were sitting next to me. After a few stops, one of them got off and a guy came in and sat in her place. Then at the next stop an elderly man got on the bus. The guy gave in to him. Then at another stop the guy got off. After one stop I got off. I don't know how it all ended

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"2024 divided by 2012 equals 2. And what do you have? That's right, two eyes!"





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