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Get our version of NeoGK Mod here for better game online and some other Addons* if you like. For voice&chat communication use our Discord server. Enjoy!!!

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Improve your Performance in game online - Part 1

performance gaming poor lag graphic

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    The Mongol

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For players with lags/low performance ingame (and dont know this)


This can help you a little:

in the first window of the gamestart “configuration/video”,

  • put render to “DirectX 7″ instead “DirectX 9″
  • mark only “use pixel shaders”
  • text detail to “minimum” - antialiasing > “not”
  • shadows quality to “low”
  • load textures on demand (for low low PCs)
  • also, if you monitor run at 60 Hz, disable Vsync you will see little poor graphics, but better playability. :)
  • use L.Ctrl+L.Shift+F5, it will automatically turn off effects ingame, warn: also turn off your warband mp gameplay… use it before enter gameplay ;)
  • don't forget to do maintaining services in your PC, as defrag HDD, clean temp-folders, etc.
  • stop programs running in background, etc.

updated 01/2016

last changes that improved my game:

I changed this settings, and now is little bit better than before, so maybe help you too:


before: VSync disabled (options in first window of game)

now: VSync enabled


before: Triple buffering disabled (in graphics settings - for your hardware, mine is Catalist Control Center for AMD)

now: Triple buffering enabled


before: max fps +200 (options in first window of game)

now: 70 / 100


...also, almost all options are near lowest parameters, but now is ok with DX9 (with Windows 8.1, but before only could play with DX7 at windowsXP SP3)

all my hardware is same than before, but now I feel game little bit better (ofc you won't have best graphics ingame, but at least playgame feeling is near to ok)


I'm not saying that will work in your PC, but maybe... btw, try different graphic options until see if troubles dissapear or improve.



Kote Kutalia add:

  • Try to lower other graphics options, such as dynamic lighting. This will increase performance very much.
  • If you have low-end PC, try Nvidia Control Panels and etc…


Joss add:

  • If you have old PC which is full of files, programs and all sorts of stuff that you need, it takes bit time to load all of these things when you turn on or start your computer. Soo it's better to wait for an hour or 2 to get stuff loaded and games run faster.
  • Also you should check that you have only 1 virus protection, otherwise if you have 2 or more different protection stuff, it makes whole computer slower.


Zohaib add:

  • I use Razor Game booster and it worked great.


Skull of Plums add:

  • Decrease your in game resolution, graphics will be poorest, but game will run faster.


Amamama add:

  • If you can, investing like 100 euros, there are lot of bitcoins etc miners which are selling cheap components, by example: athlon II x4 2800 overclocked to 3600 and opened L3 cache and msi radeon 7970 3gb overclocked to 1150 mhz core and 6500 mhz memory for less than 100 euros...  pls, why not


Andrei add:


These are generally good habits to keep your pc running smooth and improve app performance:

  • Use Ccleaner to remove junk once a week. It's a free and fast little tool. Strongly recommended.
  • Defragment your hard drive or solid state drive with Auslogics Disk Defrag. Choose "Defrag & Optimize" and let it complete ( ~30 minutes ). You will notice an increase in the responsiveness of your OS.

These are things you should do to increase fps in a game:

  • Windowed mode takes less video ram than a full window instance of any application.
  • Disable vSync
  • Disable anti-aliasing
  • Shadows to minimum
  • Particles to minimum
  • Run on older versions of DX

*add some others hints here to improve performance if you know, please... Thx

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    The Mongol

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This are the settings I have running for my game, you can check it by yourself or try different.


For your info: colours showed here means, green vs red  --->  balance between graphics quality and performance

  • green good for graphics / bad for performance
  • red good for performance / bad for graphics


At  first settings window  (at start game) labels you see:



  • hide blood enabled


  • rendering mode directX9 (if have very poor/old hard then try X7)
  • use pixel shaders enabled
  • texture details 28%
  • maximum fps 60
  • screen resolution yours (mine is 1280x1024 32 bits)
  • antialiasing no
  • shadows quality low


  • allow variations of sound enabled

 Into game Options :

  • antialiasing no
  • texture detail 40%
  • shader quality low
  • HDR no
  • auto exposure disabled
  • depth effects disabled
  • instancing use disabled
  • foliage density 0%
  • realistic shadows in plants no
  • detail of trees low
  • distance gradient from trees 25%
  • detail of the character high
  • detail of the character's shadow low
  • number of corpses 5
  • number of dolls 3
  • blood stains no
  • lighting dynamics enabled
  • character's shadow enabled
  • environmental shadows disabled
  • particle systems enabled
  • anisotropic filtering enabled
  • reflections of the water enabled

now with these settings above, at right panel, I see

  • general quality standard
  • estimated performance 206% --> for mine hardware:

Dual core 3Ghz Intel / HD 3870 ati radeon graphics card with 512Mb vram (increases to 3Gb taking from system's memory) / 6Gb RAM / Windows 10 system (testing w8.1 same) / 30Mb Fiber net speed (30Mb down - 30Mb up - 10 ms ping)


I have ping ~60/70, and FPS (frames) I have:

  • 500 at first screens loading game (I want this for all situations/games!!! :D )
  • 40~100 after join server, depending place in map that I see on screen, or maybe too depending ammount of players on this place showed on screen, dunno.


Decide yourself what is better for you, quality vs performance :)


Edited by BlackDeath, 11 September 2016 - 08:04 PM.
updated info for updated speed net that I have now

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    The Mongol

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Random, this info is tested specially for you about that you asked me :)

TESTING game at maximum settings into mine PC


At first settings window (at start game) labels you see:



  • hide blood disabled


  • rendering mode directX9
  • use pixel shaders enabled
  • texture details 100%
  • maximum fps 1000
  • screen resolution yours (mine is 1280x1024 32 bits)
  • antialiasing 8x
  • shadows quality ultra high


  • allow variations of sound enabled

into game Options:

  • antialiasing 8x
  • texture detail 100%
  • shader quality ultra high
  • HDR high
  • auto exposure enabled
  • depth effects enabled
  • instancing use enabled
  • foliage density 100%
  • realistic shadows in plants full
  • detail of trees high
  • distance gradient from trees 100%
  • detail of the character high
  • detail of the character's shadow high
  • number of corpses 150
  • blood stains unlimited
  • character's shadow enabled
  • particle systems enabled
  • reflections of the water disabled (if enabled it, then estimaded performance goes up to 100%)
  • others here in this section enabled also

now with these settings above, at right panel, I see

  • general quality very high
  • estimated performance 93% --> for mine hardware: dual core 3Ghz / 512Mb vram (increases to 3Gb taking from system's memory) / 6Gb RAM / 5Mb ADSL net speed / windows 10 (with w8.1 maybe same, not tested yet)

I have ping ~90/140 for ~90/200 players respectively.

Fps I have:

  • maximum reached 500 at first screens loading game
  • 20~45 after join server, playing Minas Tirith map in second flag (middle of melee fighting) with ~150 players just now

ps: btw I prefer low or medium settings as much (its enough good to play), don't want burn mine hardware in hot summer!!! :D



    The Mongol

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Almost all in this video is already showed in first post, but I will add this info, only for last part, about process for warband and his priority running on PC:
The_Knight_Who_Says_NI add:
Sent Today, 01:35 PM


Hi Black ;)
i just read your topic about how to improve performance in game.
This video might help. especially the part with window task manager ;)



    The Mongol

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Info for old+new NeoGK's users of our servers

To have few more info about NeoGK's mod and how it works, you can read this info taken from "NeoGK README file":


[Trouble shooting]

1. process might heavy >>> Try following things:

  • Launcher --> Configure --> Advanced --> enable edit mode: set to the check box "OFF"
  • video option box:"fast water reflection" set to "ON"

Also, if you using old computer, try this, it is smooth than DirectX9 for old computer:

  • Launcher --> Configure --> Video --> rendering method: set to DirectX7

2. often happens crash on specific map >>> It might by loop sound, try following things:

  • Try (our TrollPatch only, don't get it from other websites) version 1.1.0 only or newer: it has enviroment effect off/on switch >>> Left CTRL+Left SHIFT+F5 (warn: this off game and you need join again to server) Doing this you can turn off/on all enviroment effect and raining.

Also, another way:

  • Launcher --> Configure --> Audio --> enable sound variation: set to the check box "OFF", then Warband will be steady.

Also, if you using poor sound board, delete these loop sound files, then loop sound is not played.(there is in mod's sound folder):

  • loop_town.ogg
  • loop_forest_01.ogg
  • loop_forest_02.ogg
  • loop_forest_03.ogg
  • loop_night.ogg
  • loop_rain_heavy.ogg
  • loop_water_river.ogg
  • loop_water_fall.ogg
  • loop_sea.ogg
  • loop_sea_spot.ogg
  • loop_sea_gull.ogg
  • loop_wind.ogg
  • loop_wind.ogg

3. crashed but sound is hearing >>> It might state of memory shortage:

  • Try to "Alt + Enter key" and wait for a while. If go well, game will recovered.

Also, if it happens often, try the following things:

  • Launcher --> Configure --> Video --> load textures on demand: set to the check box "ON" <<< But this setting maybe arises lag on game.

4. issue of a bug: Please try latest version of mod, bug is fixed/modified every time when possible.

5. about required performance: If Native runs correctly, performance is enough so NeoGK is light weight as Native.

[Possible/impossible thing for un-mod player]

  • Crouch/Warcry/Ladder on ship: impossible it needs NeoGK
  • Catapult/Ballista/Trebuchet control: impossible it needs NeoGK (catapult/trebuchet shot is possible by hit winch, if are loaded)
  • Ride on the catapult: impossible it needs NeoGK
  • Ship/Ballon control: impossible it needs NeoGK
  • Weather/Fog/Environmental_sound/shell_hit_sound: impossible it needs NeoGK for hearing them
  • Native environment player also can hear and see many effects even without NeoGK

please download the mod <<< you will be able all of this impossible above

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