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Using NeoGK commands online

voices scream shout neogk keys user keys normal user keys online keys help keys command online

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    The Mongol

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*First!!! >>> you need mod NeoGK (last version of our TrollPatch) for this.


Because many players ask for help about this command keys ingame (even having help-info for keys and more in online menus), and never was posted before (think), here are...

This is for all Normal players:



  • Team damage board: (P)key   - This displays team daamge board.
  • Server population check: (F6)key   - This displays current server population.
  • Camera position save: You can save current camera position with Left Shift + (F7)key.  - When spectator, you can call the saved camera position with (F7)key.
  • Flag position check: Left Shift + (P)key   - It displays flag position when you are watcher and besides player view.
  • Enviroment effect off/on: Left Shift + Left Ctrl + (F5)key   - It turns off/on enviroment effects for low PC user. (to disable: loop sound, raining, warsmoke prop) Warn: this off your game (off from server only), so you need join server again.

Actions (in brown = enabled in arena server, but maybe off in other servers like siege):

  • Crouch: weapon mode toggle(X) (without a javelin or throwing axe or longaxe)   - Crouch can avoid a horizontal swing.
  • Dodging: The backward arrow key + weapon mode toggle(X) (without a javelin or throw axe or longaxe)   - Dodging can avoid a front attack.


  • Warcry (taunt): keyboard side (5,6,7,8,9,0)key. (extra action: action key(F) + (6,7,0)key )  - You can cheer. Also, (M)key or (,)key is old cheer & taunt.
  • Cow (mooo!), owl hoot and others: (,)key  -There are some more randoms sounds using this key. <<< (last change added to servers)

Explained keys:

5 - warcry

6 - stop voices

7 - different random phrases

8 - different random phrases

9 - menace, insult coward enemy, whatever you think :D

0 - celebrate

F+6 - Hey you!

F+7 - cough (if haven't Ni! mod)

F+0 - insults + celebrate

  • Horse whinnying: (5)key  - Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!
  • Horse caper (or dance :D): need stop before apply Left Ctrl + (J)key

Also for Ni! mod users:

  •   Ni! voices  : F + (7)keys  - Say Ni! (3 random voices)

*After using the warcry, you can not use it again for several seconds.



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    The Mongol

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