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Its not exactly a new that TG- Team somehow managed to add a fully new game-mode into Warband.

It works pretty similar to what i´ve seen in Videos of Bannerlords multiplayer Captain_Battles:


-You spawn with a crew of bots that is generated out of your choices:

same weapon class, same equipment.

This is clear but:

same statics? idk. :huh:


-You are commander of that crew that spawns nxt to you and u can give em all those commands which are  implemented in single-player batles already like: "Follow me"/" Hold position" /"Charge" etc.

But only your crew will listen to you. On both factions there are alot of captains who command their own crew/squad of bots.


-Dying and Respawn/ loose commander-options:

as long there r some units of your faction alive and bot-controlled u get respawned into them if you die. No matter if that bot was under your lead before or not. But you dont respawn as a captain  and all orders of you are ignored now. The units who you commanded before will charge next enemy unit on map now and not listen or think no more.

You are a Noc now



In case you go esc menu your respawn will be hold off a while and after some time, times out. So if you sort your inventory after dying your respawn might be off for that round.

If you get teamkilled your units will listen to your orders again.



there r some bugs in that mode and i will list here only the most important ones.


Money nad earnings     > bugy in some cases

I must say 1st im not sure about it and this includes questions i still got

Generaly we can say :

-You earn money for your kills till you die. It looks for me that you wont earn money for ya kills after died and respawned no more.

-Im completly not sure if we earn money for the kills of the bots we lead?

-Money for your kills is higher if you happen to strike down another player. While the standard money for killing bots is relatively low.


inventory equipment bugs:


Inventory bugs are somehow a major problem by playing this:


-if you choose a 1hand weapon+ a shield+a 2hand weapon > your bots shields will partly or fully disapear :(

-if you choose a 1hand+shield+ throwing > your bots 1hand weapon will partly disapear.


Me tricked that out by buying a disapearing weapon/ item on the 4th slot additional.

Like a second shield at last slot in 1st case and  a second 1hand weapon in last slot in 2nd case.

But that might not be best option.... :ask: however it worked.

It is possible that these bugs apear according to weapon choices or only to the order of this choices?

like it may make a difference if u choose your weapons into other weapon slot of your inventory idk? 


looting- equipment-bugs:


It is possible to loot weapons on the battle-field and it works in a high amount of cases that you and your bots will spawn next round with that looted equipment but:

Looting as  a Noc (Being a noc means you already died and respawned this round)

is a bad idea. It will bug your inventory almost always and perhaps even your controls and animations.



this all is very basic i have a loot more things to add and tons of question as well. Feel free to add your ideas and / or to contact me about it. But there might be a chistmas lag in my communication.

So stay tuned...


Edited 22.12.2018

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im pretty sure disapearing weapons is connected only with not sufficient amount of gold..if u buy too expensive accesories your bot will spawn without it all of them or some..for example horse..when i played i could easily buy 3-4 shields when i had enough money, aloha huj

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Sorry but that is Simply Not true. I am so sure because it worked even better to
buy items twice. I can assure you Missing items are not a money related issue.


Edit: 03/01/2019

It happens even if you loot items: e.g. you might loot a throwing weapon and your bots might loose 1st weapon slot choice. Or like some will most probaply!




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Hi! I found an inventory bug. I choose hunter my swadian man at arms, but I and my 3 bots spawn with warhorse and my other bot spawn without mount. I didn't wanted to spending more money, wich I really had.




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Did you looted a horsie in the rouns directly before that?

sry late answer the posts arent shown unto the upper topic menu... :huh:

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