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Auto-Kill Cav, Why Make Prejudice?

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I have noticed a few maps now have auto-kill cav feature which seems very unfair. It is prejudice against Cav players. I understand many melee players do not like it when Cav interrupt them in their duels. But this is what a Duel server is for.

Why make TG-arena into a salty sess pit? Just because the map designers get triggered when they get slaughtered by cav doesn't mean you have to spoil it for everyone and implement map features to help aid your score when you play your own maps.

TG-Arena was once a free-for-all place to fight. Everyone was equal, and you were free to do as you wished. Now there are restrictions and auto-kill cav feature which is such a salty move by the map designers.

The whole idea of TG-arena is everyone gets to kill everyone. It is pandemonium but these silly features go to spoil it for Cav and inf players alike. Inf players (including myself) enjoy killing cav when they enter the centre of the arena and now I can't do that. I feel like it is cheating and it spoils teh free-for-all aspect.

Please can this be removed so that it is more fair for everyone. It is a salty move by map designer to help aid their scores and it is a sad direction for TG-arena.

At the very least design a map with natural features to help against Cav. There are barricades, natural landscape features (such as rocks) and now the worst of all - auto kill. These all go a long way to show how desperate some players have become in the community.

Thank you. 


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It's because we hate fun. Can't make it to easy for cav players like me and others. :P


But seriously, only a few maps have that horse kill surface on them and they were placed to help the poor infantry fools chaps survive a bit longer. Otherwise they would die in a assortment of ways. Like being stabbed in the eyes with a lance, having their brains crushed by a mighty axe or being run over by a powerful horse. We have to at least try to give infantry players a chance. Right?


So a special place for 'special' people was created to keep them safe from ruffians like me.


Maps with horsekill surfaces

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