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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Frequently Asked Questions


In this particular section you will find solutions to the most common issues encountered in Mount & Blade: Warband,
alongside with some general questions regarding the use of this forum, and with our servers, patches, mods, etc.
If you don't find your issue here, please check the "Ask for Help"
section here.
One of our moderators/admins will answer your questions and hopefully resolve your issue.
Thank you!




'The First' Question: Why my new account isn't validated by e-mail? I'm tired to waiting to register

:oyeoye: Read this:http://community.tro...his/#entry17531


Q-0 - Question: Is there any help to understand how things work around here in website?

This FAQ includes mainly problems with the game, installation, patches and more.

If you need help with the operation of the web, its sections, and others, look down on the support that you have in all the pages,
or click here, you have an exclusive FAQ Help for it.





FAQ Content

?-1: I see the message "Unable to connect to server" as soon as I join multiplayer, please help!

Try this:
· check broadband/router settings, also firewall, in your net, to be sure you have good connection
· install the latest patch made for TrollGame's servers (go to question 4 in this topic)
Sometimes TrollGame's servers have some problems or are simply off. In this case all you can do is wait and try again later.


?-2: Why does my connection drop all the time?
"I time out when I connect to troll servers, I play 2-5 mins, then the server kicks me out and says: Connection to server lost"

Try this:
Call your ISP (internet provider) and tell them: "My connection has problems, I'm having short disconnects constantly and I'm asking for a replacement of cable connectors in the netbox near my home. Change/repair this or I'm going to another provider of higher quality, because I can't play my online games or have a decent uninterrupted connection."

Do this, and everything will be fine, also you will notice a boost in every other Internet application speed + lower ping.

[spoilfaq=Explanation]Short disconnections are not hurting site browsing, because they use TCP protocol, which works like this:
· get packages(data from server)
· send a flag that informs the server you got it
If the data package didn't arrive, it will be resent until you get it). This means these disconnections can only slow every TCP usage down. Your download speed will suffer (more or less), sites will load a little slower etc.

But when it comes to games, UDP protocol is used, which gets packages without a reply flag (slightly faster protocol and deals x2 better with ping killing). During a short disconnection you have total data loss - the packages server has sent you meanwhile are lost when your connection returns.

Some games like Warband for example don't have a protection for that synchronization death. They simply kick you out to avoid "2 parallel world realities" on a single server.

?-3: What is TrollGame Patch, where is last version, and how to install it?


Go here to download last version and read about it. You have all the installation instructions inside the archive.

?-4: I can't see the TrollGame servers.

If this happens, it's most likely because TrollGame servers are down.
However, if you cannot see them in the list make sure you have them in "Favourites" tab. If you haven't saved them in favourites and cannot see them in the internet list, try this solution by Saddoveanu: adding TG's servers to favorites (include source code) in order to see these when all fails (link to download executable file: Favoriter v0.2)

?-5: I can't see Map names correctly, it is messed up.

Download the latest version of the TrollGame Patch v1.2.3 and install it.


?-6: I don't like TrollGame Patch, can I use only mod NeoGK?

Yes, you can download the latest version of NeoGK (2.2) directly from author. There are 3 versions, choice what you need, but remember that TrollGame Patch is a better choice for TG's servers.


?-7: How do I play the game without Steam support?

Download the latest version of the game from here and activate it with your CD Key (on double-clicking the executable, the game will ask for a serial key).

?-8: How can I play in different servers, with or without NeoGK?
[spoilfaq=A:] You can have more than one "Native" module for this.

[spoilfaq=Example]You can archive your original Native module and name it "CleanNative". We recommend WinRAR (32bit or 64bit).
Then you could download, say, TrollGame Patch and install it over the original native. Then you could archive this combination and name it "TrollNative".

Now all you need to do is right-click any of the archives and hit "extract here". You will be asked if you want to replace the current files in Native with the ones in your archive. Click on Replace All and you're done. You can play any module you want with ease, but remember that Native folder you wish to play, must be renamed always only like >>> Native, so you must change name depending folder you want to play.

?-9: I'm a clan leader and I want to organise a clan war on TrollGame servers. What do I need to do?
[spoilfaq=A:] Events can be organised on TrollGame servers.

[spoilfaq="Here's how:"]You must speak to the administrators of the servers (Aeneu / KingArthur / BlackDeath) and provide details of the event one week beforehand.
If you obtain the 'good to go', depending on the status of the event (private or public) you will have to speak to an admin of the specific server you want to use:
check this list --> TrollGame Staff

?-10: How to import current character into future installments?

Go to "C:/Documents and Settings/YOUR USER-FOLDER/Application Data/Mount&Blade Warband/profiles.dat"
~ save a copy of this file (profiles.dat) and replace the one in future installments with this copy. This way you'll save your charming character for more adventures. If you have different system path for file and you can't find it, only looking for "profiles.dat" file into partition where your system is installed.

?-11: How do I delete a post?

If you are the author of a topic and wish to remove a user's comment from your topic, speak to one of the high admins currently online (Aeneu or BlackDeath or KingArthur) or one of the moderators (Strawberry / LizardWizard / Elary / Omen / White_Potato / Merchant). If you are a simple user that wants a comment deleted for various reasons (unsuitable/racist/offensive etc) speak to those mentioned above.


?-12: How can I become an admin?

Last info about requests:
Admin Basic Pre-Requirements:

  • basic level of English (being able to understand and reply to players is crucial in admin job)
  • a minimum history with TrollGame servers (at least some months since registered/playing)
  • good reputation and behaviour in the TrollGame servers and forum (how old / new player you are don't matters - what matters is in game attitude and decision making) that is recognized by other players and admins during some time before
  • be a real active player (with some hours playing online daily)
  • over >50% of the votes in your favor

*Until you meet these, you application will remain in Stand By.


If you think you have what it takes, feel free to contact any high admins or senior admins through PM.
In the PM you should state the reason you want to become an admin of our servers.
Remember, administration comes with a cost: responsibility.

?-13: I open the editor with CTRL+E but I cannot see the Ground Color Paint RGB sliders.

This happens most likely because you have an aspect ratio of 16:9 which our dear friends from Taleworlds forgot to cover.

The edit bar menu works fine with 5:4 aspect ratio screens but how do you make it work when you have a widescreen monitor?
With the help of this tiny exquisite tool that helps you expand your resolution infinitely and thus be able to see the RGB and other things you wouldn't normally be able to with your native resolution.

Once opened, hold on Left CTRL and move mouse towards the edges of your screen.
When finished, close the app and play around with the windows of the other programs so that they may fit in the initial screen boundary


?-14: Where is the module for Map Making?

This is last version (v 2.2) released by owner here http://www.leagueofr...ad.php?tid=4773, and there are 3 versions. Best option is choice Deluxe version, btw if you want get it directly, go right here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qakusay36kh4cha/Delux.zip?dl=0


?-15: How do I embed youtube videos in my posts?
[spoilfaq=A:]To embed youtube videos in posts/chats and be able to play them inside you need to do the following: [media] *insert your url here* [/ media] , or with: [youtube] *insert your url here* [/youtube]

You can also embed audio files into TrollGame. However, you must have a valid url that ends in ".mp3"
It works the same as with youtube videos: [media] *insert your url here* [/media]
example: [media]http://a.tumblr.com/tumblr_m7pbpc9qrP1qirbq3o1.mp3[/media]


?-16: I cannot write in the tavern chat. Please help!

To be able to write in tavern you need to have at least one post in any of the forum topics. It can be anything from a simple greeting to a deep constellation analysis.



?-17: My FPS speed is locked at 30 fps and before I had +50 fps. How to solve?

Probably you have VS (vertical sync) activated in options, try disabling it.



?-18: I see COWS in water... How to solve?

- Disable (or set low/minimum) "shadows quality" setting in graphics options (options into game) and restart game

- at first screen options, click on "video" and set the shadows quality setting as you want, and start game

- cows should have dissapeared (now don't touch "shadows quality" option into game options)


If you see cows still, let us know how you did it, and if you have some other options enabled in graphics, thanks in advance.



?-19: I would like make a map (and to include later) in servers. How to?

We have both Tutorials and Workshop Maps sections, you can go there and read topic/posts about it. :oyeoye:


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