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Most Liked Content

#29341 How to remove cavalry in style

Posted by Jozi * on 08 December 2018 - 08:09 PM

Hello people 


I am gladly presenting you my favourite way to remove cavalry cancer :D



Hope you enjoy !


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#6181 [email protected]'s Journey (disabled momentarily)

Posted by BlackDeath on 14 December 2014 - 01:30 PM

Saturday's (or Sunday's) Journey


Hi all...

This Event will be running on each Saturday (or maybe Sunday),

and will have different structure than usual on our servers,

only ONE server will be running (TrollGame_S_Day)

The meaning is Share the gameplay with all the Community...

...playing together


(others servers will be off during event)


NEXT WILL BE 5/6 - Dic  (<--- when time data colour is in GREEN, it will be open, take this like a "signal" to know about it)


Time:  Free open (aprox.) from 17:00 GMT until 23:00 GMT (GMT = Greenwich Mean Time)


 click to check --> GMT Time <-- click to check


Server will be running different modes of gameplay, changing randomly (or by admins) during all time:

(siege and duel modes will be excluded)


- Battle

- CTF (capture the flag)

- TDM (team deathmatch)


26 Maps specially edited 26

- Not healing places, not food...  Fight for your Fun!!!

(last edited- newest included)

Ruins Bridges - Catapults Battle - Hill Village - Arena - Tharu's - Besieged Village - Farmer's Garden - Island Trip - Dragon's Nest -

Black Betty - Middle of Nowhere - Sea Fort - Dijon - Frosty Battle - Reveran Village - Swallowing Sand - Z Short -

Hardy Outskirt - NVAbase - Sunny Town - Thor's Fjord - Nord Swag - Beach Defense - Der Process (with island) - Praven - Amphiteatrum


♣  any admin of others servers, will be admining here 


We hope you join it and enjoy!!!


  - Keep watching this topic, it will be updated regularly with more information until the day of the event -

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#4567 TrollGame RULES (MUST READ!!!)

Posted by Strawberry on 24 October 2014 - 09:48 PM

TrollGame Rules

- for Siege, Captains Battle, Arena, Duel and Invasion Servers & Forum applied -


The rules are introduced to create comfortable and constructive atmosphere of communication.

If the established form of communication doesn't suit you, then abstain from participation in this Community.

It is important that you know all rules, you will find these especially useful to know.

They're very important, and it would be very unfortunate if you made a few honest mistakes and lost some privileges because of it.


Thanks for taking your time to read these. Rules are there for a reason and they must be followed, they're for benefit of all.


* * * * *

Summary of Rules  for younger "minds"

:oyeoye: Must Read!!! >>>



* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Server Rules

0. Addon to Rules

Still you could get Kick/Ban/Perm Ban, even if this is not included here in rules:

How and Why?


1. Common Courtesy
This should sum up anything from excessive verbal harassment to other players, rudeness, spam and whatever not.
Be kind to others and think before you type. There is no need to be hurtful or abusive to others.
This can be also applied on forum.

  • Warning/Kick
  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban
  • Forum restrictions

2. Do Not Insult Admins/Moderators
Administrators are the ones who keep the server in peace and clean from rulebreakers thus they don't deserve to be disrespected nor anybody.
If you think that an administrator is not doing their job properly then you have all rights to report him to high admins via private message, and discuss about it there with them.
By insulting admins, provoking them or recruiting players to do this, you will be perm banned in all servers, and maybe later you'll get a forum restrictions/ban, depends your apologize after this.
This can be applied also at forums.

  • Permanent ban in servers
  • Forum restrictions
  • Member banned

3. Do Not Team-Kill
Team-Killing (known as TK) is killing a player that is in your team,
this rule applies only if a player was killed on purpose by his teammate.

  • Warning/Kick
  • Temporary ban

4. Do Not Use Hacks or Cheats
Don't use hacks or cheats, such as autoblock, wallhack, and so on.

  • Permanent ban in all servers (forever, without warns)

5. Do Not Abuse Exploits/Glitch
There are many exploits in-game, such as voice spam, abuse of glitches, fast building, fast crouching and so on.
About glitching on any TG server, it isn't allowed as first instance. Arena server doesn't take a lot of rules into consideration but for your info:
-For Arena: glitch is allowed only if it's not used to kill others.
-For Siege: glitch in doors with holes is allowed (only), but for other type of doors (full wooden doors) is forbidden.
Any other use of glitch in siege to go "into" protected enemy places or to get flag (glitch in walls, objects, etc. by example), is forbidden.
Don't use/abuse them or you may get banned as final consecuence.

  • Kick without Warn
  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban

6. Do Not Advertise and Do Not Share Hacks/Cheats/Cracks
Don't advertise other servers via this community.
Don’t share hacks (cheats,exploits etc) or knowledge of hacks with others using any way (forum, server chat, social nets, etc). Don't use forums/chat/etc.. for anything related with pirate game or crack. We are Legit Mount&Blade Warband Community, so if you don't accept this point, there aren't any we can do for you...
A simple word can be turned into thought, a thought into idea, an idea into plan and a plan into action.
It can bring us a lot of troubles and if you do so, then you will have to suffer the consequences.

  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban in all servers
  • Forum restrictions
  • Member banned

7. Do Not Copy/Steal Nickname
Don't use someone's nickname, there is no need to pretend that you're somebody else.

  • Warning/Kick without Warn
  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban in all (servers+website)

8. Do Not Use Actual/Official Clan Tag Names If You're Not In A Clan (updated)
Title says it all, If you're not in a clan then don't put a actual/official clan tag (with same characters) between your nickname, you need a permission for something like that.

Also, spoofing clan's tag in a toxic way (even if it isn't at 100% same characters, but almost) maybe punished. This just negatively affect our Community and it also undermines our work on it/servers with clans. This intention is seen as "trying to impersonate other clans and pick up a negative reaction to them".

  • Warning/Kick
  • Temporary ban

9. Do Not Avoid Ban
If you got temporarily banned by an administrator for ex. a week and you unban yourself somehow (new key...) in that period of time then it will result in a permanent ban in all servers, you must post a ban appeal when you get banned instead of evading and trying to unban yourself, it'll just make the situation worse for you.
Following this perm ban, player's account on forum will be moved to "Community Waste" group, and if player continues then it'l be moved to "Member Next to Ban", that will be a last chance for player to change the behaviour and ask for apologies, before his account gets banned completely.

  • Permanent ban in servers
  • Forum restrictions
  • Member banned

10. Annoy Behaviour
Annoying players in general (kicking own team, step on ladders avoiding raise it, destroying own siege weapons or gate/doors, etc.), using bug in chat to impersonate and/or insult (+spam+annoy+...) others players in servers, can get banned if the behavior is continuously done many times and abusive towards/with other players or own team.

  • Warning/Kick without Warn
  • Temporary ban
  • Permanent ban

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Final notes

  • If you think that you have been wrongfully banned then feel free to post your appeal here >>> link <<< If you can demonstrate that, the permanent ban will be removed (exception: temporary bans [1 hour ban], these can't be unbanned). 
  • If you see someone breaking these rules, and want help us, you can use this other >>> link <<< to let us know about it.


* * * * * * * * * *


Meaning of Punishments:

  • Kick: simple kick from the server, it'll be better for you to fix the behaviour next time you join or else it may lead to a temp ban.
  • Temporary ban: 1h ban (cannot be removed)
  • Permanent ban: banned forever in all TG servers(will only have chance to get unbanned if player apologizes and promises to change the bad behaviour later, that will be a last chance for a player to get unbanned. If player gets perma banned and unbanned then there will be no more chances for him to get unbanned if he gets banned perma once more since the player already used 1 final chance)
  • Forum restrictions: you get thrown in a Community Waste / Member Next to Ban ranks/group, which restricts you access to some sections/pages in TG forum.
  • Member banned: means player's banned forever from the community, has almost zero chances to get unbanned.




* NOTICE: (Rules were written/added/suggested among whole Staff Team) *

        * Signed by High Administration

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#35632 TrollGame Duo Duel Tournament

Posted by LockDog on 27 August 2019 - 08:48 PM

Hello Everyone! 

As you see, i'm going to host an (Tournament) in our Duel server for the people who are interested, the duel gonna be for Duos only, and it will have a prize pool on the end of it, the total prize will be 30$ steam gift card or paysafecard or paypal balance, the winner choose his prize.

There will be rules and breaking any of it, means that you are out without any chance!

So please follow the Rules and do not BREAK them.

  • Do Not Use Hacks or Cheats
  • Do Not Abuse Exploits/Glitch
  • Do Not troll or start an RDM (Random Deathmatch)
  • Do not interfere or enter the Area of the Duel! (Stay out of the circle)
  • Do not leave the Duel Area while you are fighting (Arena Area)
  • The event will start after 10min, if 10min runs out and the team didn't join, you will be considered out.

    So i will provide register template for you, please fill it up and post it here if you want to join.

    In-Game Nickname:

  • Your Teammate Nickname:

    Team Name:

    How long do you play Native?

    On what server/s do you play most?


          i will consider you out if any false information provided.

Starting Date: 9th of September 2019  ( 6:00 PM ) CEST   *PS* Time might change if many players cannot attend to the event on this specific time.

Date of the Tournament is exactly on my Birthday  :P


Tournament going to be only Shield & Sword!
You will get a maximum of 1000 gold to buy your stuff!
There will be 2v2 best of 2.
Semi-finals and Finals.

When i reach the following number, the registration will stop.

How is it going to happen?

The answer is down below:

Player Total: 16 participant
Team Total: 8 participant

Qualifying         2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2

semi-final          2    2   2    2

final                      2        2

Winner                      2

If anything changed i will inform you on this post!

1st place 40$
2nd place 20$ 

Any gift card or Paypal balance.

Any extra donations will be added to the prize pool !

Good luck & Have fun, Trollgamers!


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#12874 I-am-back...

Posted by BlackDeath on 06 November 2015 - 06:01 PM

Hi all :D, finally I'm in my new home, with a new shitty-worst-net-conection than before... :viking2:

(I'm now more away from the host of my net-provider, and with all bad things that it means :( )


but, well, I'm happy for to be here again, to put some order where it deserve/you need.


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#26970 Servers complains and current situation

Posted by KingArthur on 28 July 2018 - 01:19 PM

Hi all.

I want to bring to attention the current situation of servers.

We're receiving complains about administration and the quality of the servers.

  1. We host the game servers for free and to make players have fun. Personally i founded mount and siege because i didn't have fun on other siege servers and i wanted to make one with my view of things. I didn't make it to get money, like some other did with paid addons and asking money for unban.
  2. We don't get paid for our job of administration or for making content. I made some maps because i wanted to play on such type of maps.
  3. The admins moderate the servers for free. So they work in their spare time and are not bonded to any contract that forces them to stay online.
  4. We've the permission for each map in our servers. Many maps were made by us, some are from https://www.mbrepository.com/ , some made by players. The chinese servers are using our maps without our permission. Reported to taleworlds and they said they can't do nothing. Just to highlight the level of protection server admnistrators have.
  5. The game is getting very old and and we're getting bored. I know you get bored to see the same maps every day.

We don't force you to play on our servers. There're many servers on the list, use the filters and wait all the list gets rendered.

We did what was within our skills to make the servers enjoyble for us and for you.

We accept contructive complains and feedbacks but not free insults because this is a free service and we owe you nothing.







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#16124 Happy Anniversary Mount&Siege

Posted by KingArthur on 28 March 2016 - 03:28 PM

These days, 1 year ago, a server started its journey. That server is our MountAndSiege.


Thanks to all players that who us to reach the top believing in us. Only who followed us from the beginning knows the difficulties we encountered and the hard work we put to overcome them.


Special thanks to:

- Vent, who keeps hosting the server despite the difficulties.

- BlackDeath and Aeneu, always available to help and work together.

- Dwarf and the GK community, who allowed us to use their mod.

- RandomGuy and Merchant, who helped moderating and populating the server from the beginning.

- All the admins who help us.

- All mappers who allowed us to use their maps.

- And all players who play on our servers.


Maybe a day we'll besiege Bannerlord castles together. :) Meanwhile i leave you with some stats of our server:

  • 200000+ unique players
  • 17503139 kills
  • 17568211 deaths
  • 136839 teamkills
  • 14494 kicks
  • 1856 bans

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#34226 Spartanizing the Arena again

Posted by Omen on 21 June 2019 - 12:02 AM

Do you think the savage hordes of naked no homo muscled spartans belong just to the stories your trollgamers grandfathers told you before to sleep? "We hear drums, drums in the deep. They are coming"



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#16872 Mordhau - very promising medieval combat game

Posted by Saddoveanu on 24 May 2016 - 05:52 AM

Found this one yesterday, looks very interesting; the video speaks for itself:


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#12254 ~THEMIS~

Posted by Omen on 23 August 2015 - 01:24 PM





Ὀ μὲν ἥλιός ποτε ἀμαυρωθείς τὴν σκιᾶ
τότε δὲ ναοὶ οὶ συνεχῶς στάντες ἀποφθεροῦνται
αἰθὴρ δὲ φθίσται, καὶ θεοὶ ἕπὶ χθονὶ πεσοῦνται




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#9310 Old TrollGame's Promoted users

Posted by Aeneu on 06 April 2015 - 07:41 PM

SieXiuS is new battle admin :heavy:

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#17906 Tourney of the Five Crowns - TOT5C "Summer Edition" 2016

Posted by Omen on 10 August 2016 - 08:59 PM



Date for Event will be 17/18 September







The Tourney of the Five Crowns



The Tournament involves the participation of several teams, each consisting of 5 players with the following distribution of classes:


3 Infantry

1 Archer

1 Horseman


Matches will be based on 16 total rounds, divided in 2 maps (8+8), every 4 rounds factions will be switched.

Finalists will be the first 2 teams in the table, the ones with more points gained.

Victory value is 3 points, Draw 1 point.

Each team must register their name and their own banner and appoint a nominal "Captain" who speaks on behalf of his fellows.
Every team can have max 3 reserve players with a max total of 8 players registered. After the registration the names cannot be changed.
The winners of the tournament will be the best battle seasonal team on trollgame.

If you need help with a custom banner, send a pm to our dear bannerlady Elary.


Teams registered already can be found here.

Looking for a team? Leave a comment in the TeamForge.

Score Table



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#13560 WIN a Free Warband Copy!!!

Posted by Saddoveanu on 08 December 2015 - 09:54 PM

Howdy friends;


Sorry for not being very active in the last months, little time is available. Anyways, I have 3 copies of Warband I bought during the sale and will gift one of them to the each of the first three good answers to either one of the following question:

  1. Please say to me in a few words (less than 100) why you want/need one of my free copys of game?
  2. What makes Warband the best game ever made ?

Looking forward to the answers :)

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#4074 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Posted by LizardWizard on 07 October 2014 - 03:08 PM

Frequently Asked Questions


In this particular section you will find solutions to the most common issues encountered in Mount & Blade: Warband,
alongside with some general questions regarding the use of this forum, and with our servers, patches, mods, etc.
If you don't find your issue here, please check the "Ask for Help"
section here.
One of our moderators/admins will answer your questions and hopefully resolve your issue.
Thank you!




'The First' Question: Why my new account isn't validated by e-mail? I'm tired to waiting to register

Q-0 - Question: Is there any help to understand how things work around here in website?




FAQ Content

?-1: I see the message "Unable to connect to server" as soon as I join multiplayer, please help!

?-2: Why does my connection drop all the time?
"I time out when I connect to troll servers, I play 2-5 mins, then the server kicks me out and says: Connection to server lost"


?-3: What is TrollGame Patch, where is last version, and how to install it?


?-4: I can't see the TrollGame servers.

?-5: I can't see Map names correctly, it is messed up.

?-6: I don't like TrollGame Patch, can I use only mod NeoGK?

?-7: How do I play the game without Steam support?

?-8: How can I play in different servers, with or without NeoGK?


?-9: I'm a clan leader and I want to organise a clan war on TrollGame servers. What do I need to do?

Here's how:

?-10: How to import current character into future installments?

?-11: How do I delete a post?

?-12: How can I become an admin?

?-13: I open the editor with CTRL+E but I cannot see the Ground Color Paint RGB sliders.

?-14: Where is the module for Map Making?

?-15: How do I embed youtube videos in my posts?

?-16: I cannot write in the tavern chat. Please help!


?-17: My FPS speed is locked at 30 fps and before I had +50 fps. How to solve?


?-18: I see COWS in water... How to solve?


?-19: I would like make a map (and to include later) in servers. How to?

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#29742 Emergensi

Posted by Umbuz on 29 December 2018 - 02:33 PM

Denjeros. Beware...





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#28229 Abbababa

Posted by Umbuz on 08 October 2018 - 02:06 AM

missing cyka blyat:




Attached File  a1.jpg   30.17KB   0 downloads


If see dis cyka blyat, no touch. dengeros. Kal Umbuz.

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#25561 **TG_Captain_Battle** Event with new features

Posted by White_Potato on 25 March 2018 - 11:39 AM

Hi guys,


Today we are testing new features on our Battle server  (new name is **TG_Captain_Battle**).

King Arthur prepared a new feature that allows you to contol 10 bots, wearing same weapons as you.

We want to check if everything is Ok, so please help us testing during the event.



Time:  7 pm GMT  (London time)

Server: **TG_Captain_Battle**

Max players: 20-30

Rules: You can lead 10 bot, wearing same stuff as you. (it means 20-30 players + 200-300 bots on one map)

Maps:  Open space big maps.

Our expectations: testing gold settings, troop limits and server performance


See you there !  Make our battle server great again :D

P.S.  learn commands from singleplayer :)

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#33198 "Don't"...Fuck this community (title "edited" by BD)

Posted by Elary on 11 May 2019 - 08:34 AM

james, sorry to bring it to you like that but you are a little too naive, that's why people like to get you angry. the more triggered you get the more trolls will get stuck to you like glue. here trolling is a sport and if you take everyone serious you will get hurt.


this is my advice for you https://www.youtube....h?v=QPz-HuiQOYk

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#33130 "Don't"...Fuck this community (title "edited" by BD)

Posted by Majcher on 10 May 2019 - 02:11 PM

Don't blame whole community because of some mentally challenged fags, it's not nice D:

And don't take it too serious, I know it's hard, but try to ignore them.

You know, it's only a gaem, wai u hef to be mad?


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#29990 Orvo, the terror for horses

Posted by HeiHo on 08 January 2019 - 09:01 PM



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