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TG Battle Event: The Hunger Games

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Perhaps you could announce a battle event in siege server before, to get enough people. I can see that Black-Death said: 2 rounds in siege server is usually too much for many people, but not for all of us, fortunately :) ;)




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i think TDM would be a welcome change for a lot of siege players. Some go to the server to play siege. Most go because it has highest population. If server was only TDM, people would still go there. Im also wondering if it started out as battle maybe people would still go there now. We all started out as newbies. All of us spent time in spec in battle mode cos we got couched in the first minute or took an arrow. 


I know the fear is about losing population but i can guarantee there's many of those players, probably a majority who would like to see a change now and then. There's always a vocal few who complain loudly in chat about ANYTHING. "This map sucks" "2h sux" "Archer sux" "server is laggy" "hackers in server" "admins sux". If the server had any massive problems (like the DDOS attacks etc) then it wouldnt get the population that it does. In fact, even with the lag some people get, they still come and play.


Playing siege all the time can become a chore, Certain maps are horrible to play as attacker and as defender it's boring because all attackers are dead before they can get on to the walls so you have to go to their spawn if u want to fight sometimes.


That doesn't mean get rid of the maps etc, because i think the more maps the better - adds variety.


In the same way - playing different modes on the server, like TDM, Capture the Flag(forgot the proper name) etc. 


Changing siege to battle was a big difference to the players because they're not used to having only one life. The other modes where you can respawn would be enjoyed by most.


There's always gonna be some people bitching and complaining. It's what they do. It's how they roll. I definitely think we should try other game modes.



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Hmmm I think TDM would be fun too and battle if we go to something like random plains so that people have some time to form up

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